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Полная Версия: The 300 Spartans/300 Спартанцев
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Группа: Tyler Bates
Альбом: The 300 Spartans/300 Спартанцев
Год: 2007
Стиль: Soundtrack/Folk-Rock
Качество: (VBR)
Размер: 83.25 MB

1. To Victory
2. Returns A King
3. Submission
4. The Agoge
5. Cursed By Beauty
6. What Must A King Do
7. No Sleep Tonight
8. Tree Of The Dead
9. Goodbye My Love
10. The Ephors
11. The Hot Gates
12. The Wolf
13. Come And Get Them
14. Fight In The Shade
15. No Mercy
16. Fever Dream
17. Immortals Battle
18. Xerxes' Tent
19. A God King Bleeds
20. Glory
21. Message For The Queen
22. Remember Us
23. The Council Chamber
24. Tonight We Dine In Hell
25. Xerxes' Final Offer

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what is the song playing during the homecoming dance scene when trip and lux are chosen as homecoming king and queen and then they all dance and balloons come down?

<a href=http://goo.gl/vBJlCc>Только натуральная косметика</a>
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